Law Enforcement Officers Must Have Reason to Make a Traffic Stop

DUI lawyer in MarylandDUI lawyer in Maryland will explain that a law enforcement officer must have a reasonable suspicion that a driver is breaking the law before making a traffic stop. If the officer does not have a viable reason to make the stop, the charges might not be valid, even if the driver is found to be committing a DUI.

A DUI Attorney in Maryland Will Explain the Concept of Reasonable Suspicion
A DUI lawyer in Maryland will inform a client about the methods a police officer might use to decide whether or not to stop a motor vehicle. Each case is different and there are variables as to what will be accepted as reasonable cause to make the stop.

The Officer Witnessing the Infraction Influences the Defense Presented by Your DUI Lawyer in Maryland

Many traffic stops that your DUI attorney in Maryland sees begin with the officer witnessing the driver committing a traffic violation. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, a police officer cannot stop a vehicle just to check the driver's license and vehicle registration. However, the officer doesn't need to have probable cause to make the traffic stop. This is only important if an arrest is made and has nothing to do with the detaining of the driver.

Your DUI Lawyer in Maryland and the Police Officer Must Determine "Reasonable Suspicion"
The police officer and the DUI lawyer in Maryland both need to come to a conclusion as to what constitutes "reasonable suspicion." The police officer won't have as much time as the attorney to come to a decision as to whether a stop is warranted. If the stop is not warranted, it doesn't necessarily mean that the police officer was doing something unlawful, but it still might not be enough for a conviction.

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