A Defendant's First Meeting with a Defense Attorney

Maryland DWI attorneyA client's first meeting with his or her Maryland DWI attorney is an opportunity to share information and brainstorm potential solutions. In the initial interview, defendants can expect to discuss the incident, learn about potential consequences, and outline a defense plan.

Maryland DWI Attorneys Need Background Information
Before a defense attorney can analyze a case, he or she needs background information about the defendant's actions prior to the incident. A knowledgeable Maryland DWI lawyer will be sure to ask about the following topics:

  • How many drinks the person consumed
  • The timeline of consumption, for example, the number of beverages the defendant consumed per hour over a certain time span
  • How soon after consumption the defendant began operating a vehicle
  • Food items or additional drinks the client ingested prior to driving

All of this information helps a Maryland DWI attorney to establish a timeline of events leading up the defendant's police detainment and subsequent DWI arrest, which can be an essential part of a defense case.

Discussing the Incident with a Maryland DWI Lawyer
After sharing information about his or her actions prior to driving, a defendant should tell his or her lawyer about the incident. A Maryland DWI attorney may want his or her client to answer the following questions.

  • Did the police officer say why he or she pulled you over?
  • Did you complete any field sobriety tests? If so, which ones and how were they administered?
  • What happened from the time of your arrest until your release?

A Defendant's Criminal Record
In addition to gathering information about defendants' behavior and arrest, Maryland DWI attorneys will also inquire about their clients' criminal records. It is essential that defendants mention all past convictions, particularly those relating to DWI and motoring, as these prior acts can significantly affect a defense case.

Armed with this information, an attorney can estimate the case's potential for success and brainstorm possible defense strategies.

Consulting a Local DWI Lawyer

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