How Your Maryland DUI Attorney Can Challenge Bloodshot Eyes

Maryland DUI attorneyThe arresting officer in your DUI case might have thought they had probable cause to stop you for a field sobriety test. However, it is the role of your Maryland DUI attorney to challenge all of the accusations from that arresting officer. This includes the notion that bloodshot eyes are somehow an indication of driving under the influence. When it comes to a cross-examination of an arresting officer, your Maryland DUI law office will have many lines of attack to pursue. 

Other Reasons for Bloodshot Eyes 
We've all suffered from bloodshot eyes. However, rarely is that condition the result of excessive drinking. When your Maryland DUI attorney gets the officer on the stand, they can first establish the correlation between bloodshot eyes and tiredness. For instance, your Maryland DUI lawyer could ask the officer if they ever had bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep. The next obvious question would be if that officer asked you how long it was since you slept. If your Maryland DUI law office attorney can enter your lack of sleep into evidence, then it could be a cause for reasonable doubt about your bloodshot eyes. 

Your Maryland DUI attorney could point out that allergies or just leaving a smoky bar could have caused your bloodshot eyes. That's why you need to share your complete medical history with your Maryland DUI law office. Showing you have a prescription for seasonal allergies can be a compelling piece of evident that your Maryland DUI attorney will be glad to exploit. 

Field Sobriety Test Conditions 
Another area of cross-examination that your Maryland DUI attorney can follow is in regard to the actual roadside conditions at the moment of arrest. Was there adequate lighting? Was it raining? Where there other traffic distractions? These could all be a factor in determining the validity of these tests. It will be up to your Maryland DUI lawyer to decide which is the best line of questioning for your defense. 

Your Maryland DUI Attorney Can Challenge All Evidence 
We should all have respect for the law. However, that doesn't mean it is infallible. Your Maryland DUI attorney can call into question any piece of evidence the state presents against you. Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC have years of experience in handling DUI cases. They have helped many clients avoid jail time and the suspension of their licenses. Call their offices today at 301-770-4710 or 1-888-340-7583.

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