The Arrest Checklist

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DUI charges require a strong defense. Often an attorney can build a case for the defendant based on issues with the arrest, itself. Your Maryland DUI lawyer should look to see if certain key things were done at the time of your arrest. This is sometimes referred to as an "arrest checklist."

A Maryland DUI Lawyer and General Arrest Items
General items at the time of your arrest that your Maryland DUI lawyer might consider include the following:

  • Did police search your car? If so, did they find anything they might consider evidence?
  • When, exactly, did the officer place you under arrest?
  • Did police handcuff you during the arrest?
  • Was any recording made at the time, including audio or video?
  • Did police read you your Miranda rights? Did you waive those rights?
  • Did you say anything after your rights were read?
  • Did you request a Maryland DUI attorney?

A Maryland DUI Lawyer and Your Health at the Time of the Arrest
Your attorney should also inquire into your health at the time of the arrest. For instance—

  • Were you on a diet when you were arrested?
  • Had you gotten enough sleep in the previous few days?
  • Did you ingest any strong medications recently?
  • Are you the victim of a physical disability?
  • Do you suffer from balance problems, or conditions of the inner ear?

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