Maryland DUI Implied Consent Law

If you are a licensed driver in Maryland and are unaware of the state's implied consent law, your driving privileges could be at risk if you are ever arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). Here's what you should know about the Maryland DUI Implied Consent law.

Although the term may not sound familiar, you were informed of the state's implied consent requirement when you first applied for your driver's license—and the very fact that you have a license means that you agreed to comply with the law.

So what exactly is implied consent? In simple terms, it means you agree to obey the state's blood alcohol content (BAC) limit anytime you get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Like most states, Maryland law prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or more.

Under the state's Implied Consent law, you also agree to allow law enforcement to administer a chemical test for the sole purpose of determining your BAC. If you refuse to submit to the test, your driving privileges will be suspended automatically as a result of your actions—and you will still be arrested for driving under the influence.

Assuming it's the first time you've refused to perform a chemical test, the punishment for violating the Implied Consent Law includes a 120-day license suspension. However, if it is your second refusal, your driving privileges will be revoked for the next year. It is also important to know that, in addition to being charged for refusing to perform the test, you'll face separate charges for DUI—and that means you will face separate penalties as well.

Don't let one bad decision cost you your future. Although an Implied Consent violation can lead to a number of penalties—such as a fine, license suspension, and jail sentence, just to name a few—you may be able to avoid these consequences with help from our Maryland DUI attorneys.

For more information about ways to challenge your arrest, discuss your case with us at 1-888-340-7583 in Rockville or Greenbelt immediately. With the right legal strategy, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the charges against you and avoid an Implied Consent or other drunk driving conviction.

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