First Offense DUI

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A Conviction for DUI can cause lasting damage to your ability to find work or even sometimes housing. Given how seriously courts have come to regard DUI offenses over the past few decades, there are even consequences for a person who is convicted of a first offense. A Rockville DUI attorney can provide you with the legal representation you need.

Rockville DUI Attorneys and First Offenders
It happens infrequently, but Rockville DUI attorneys know that first-time offenders can still be sent to prison if convicted of a DUI in the state of Maryland. Sentencing guidelines allow for maximum penalties of:

  • A one-year jail term
  • License suspension for six months
  • $1,000 in fines

Remember, these are only possible penalties. Every case is different, which is why you need to go over yours with a Rockville DUI lawyer.

Rockville DUI Attorneys Explain Special Circumstances
Things get even more complicated if you are carrying a passenger under sixteen at the time of your arrest. If this happens, you can be charged separately with transporting a minor, and should definitely talk to a Rockville DUI att0rney about your case.

It will come as no surprise that, if convicted of both offenses, you are very likely to get a tougher sentence than if only one of the charges had stuck. What this means is that you can go to prison for two years and pay $2,000 in fines for both charges.

Rockville DUI Attorneys and Repeat Offenses
One key thing Rockville DUI lawyers want you to know is that more than one DUI conviction on your permanent record gets you classified as a repeat offender. This only counts if you're arrested for another DUI offense within the next five years, but bear in mind that if it happens, you face worse penalties each time you're convicted.

First Time Offenders Should Talk to Our Rockville DUI Attorneys
First time offenders should talk to our Rockville DUI lawyers right away. Call Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC at 301-770-4710 or 1-888-340-7583.

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