DUI Death/Fatality Penalties

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The penalties for causing a DUI fatality are serious. It is important if you are facing charges associated with a DUI death that you understand the penalties you potentially face, as well as your options. These will be determined to some extent by the specifics of your case, but in a larger sense by state requirements. Speak with Maryland DUI lawyers and find out what kind of consequences the prosecution might be seeking for your case.

Maryland DUI Lawyers Who Understand
Your Maryland DUI lawyers know that just being charged with DUI can wreak havoc with your emotions. But combine that with feeling responsible for someone else's death, and the effects can be downright devastating. The sad truth is, even if your harmful actions were unintentional, you can still suffer serious consequences for the fatality caused by your DUI. Since those consequences can be severe, it is important to hire qualified Maryland DUI attorneys as soon as possible.

Maryland DUI Lawyers Know the Penalties
Your Maryland DUI lawyers will be able to tell you the possibility of specific penalties for your case. But generally speaking, the state's harsh views on drinking and driving are clearly shown in the punishments meted out for DUI convictions. And those punishments only worsen if you are convicted of a DUI-related fatality.

Thousands of dollars in fines and the loss of your license are possible – and those are only two minorpenalties. If an involuntary manslaughter conviction sticks, it is seen as a felony. This is something that can affect you far into the future. You may even face years of incarceration in a state prison. But no matter the size of the penalties you face, it is crucial to have experienced Maryland DUI attorneys at your side.

Maryland DUI lawyers are needed right away in order to protect your rights, and help the prosecutor see your side of the story. The sooner you acquire legal counsel after you're charged, the better.

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