Maryland DUI Lawyers Discuss Aggravated DUI

Maryland DUI Lawyers

An aggravated DUI conviction can have serious consequences. Not only are you likely to lose your license, you may end up in jail. Once you are released you will find it more difficult to find work or housing. If you are facing aggravated DUI charges it is vital that you consult with Maryland DUI lawyers before you start speaking to the prosecutor's office.

Maryland DUI Lawyers on the Traffic Stop
If you have ever gotten pulled over by Maryland state police officers, you know how intimidating it can be. Getting a ticket for running a stop sign or tailgating can be stressful enough, but add to that a suspicion of DUI (Driving under the Influence), and it can be downright frightening. Then there's the possibility of being accused of an aggravated DUI. If you think you are at risk for this happening, contact a Maryland DUI attorney right away.

Maryland DUI Lawyers Explain Aggravated DUI
There are a few common reasons why individuals are charged with aggravated DUI. Some of these include driving with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of over 0.15%, transporting a minor, or causing an accident. There are also circumstances where a DUI may be treated more harshly. This includes if you have previous offenses on your record, were driving over twenty miles per hour above the speed limit, or didn't have your driver's license on hand when you were charged.

If any of the above applies to you, consult with a Maryland DUI attorney.

Maryland DUI Lawyers Know the Penalties
There are many reasons to hire experienced Maryland DUI lawyers, and one of them is that there are harsh penalties associated with an aggravated DUI conviction. Hiring a skilled Maryland DUI lawyer is the best way to protect your rights as prosecutors work to make these penalties stick. A six-month license suspension, $1,000 fine, and up to a year in jail are not uncommon consequences of an aggravated DUI.

Maryland DUI Lawyers Want to Hear Your Case
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