A Maryland DUI Lawyer Discusses Suspension Of Administrative License

Driving under the InfluenceMaryland DUI Attorney
As any Maryland DUI attorney can tell you, operating a vehicle while intoxicated is more than just massively unwise and horrendously unsafe. It’s illegal. Maryland’s laws, as are the laws in the majority of states, are very specific concerning the legal limit of blood alcohol that a driver may be permitted. The consequences of breaking these laws are extremely severe. One of them is the Maryland DUI administrative license suspension.

The Law
Your Maryland DUI attorney can verify that in Maryland, you are considered legally impaired if your blood alcohol level registers at 0.08% or higher. This is determined through such methods as blood, breath or urine tests, with the predominant test being the breathalyzer. These methods constitute the only way that the level of alcohol in a driver’s blood can be reliably measured.

If You Fail the Text
As your Maryland DUI attorney can explain, should the results of your test point to a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit, you will be taken into custody and charges of drunk driving will be filed against you. Further, your lawyer can warn you that if you decline to submit to chemical testing, criminal charges will be invoked under Maryland’s Implied Consent Law. Either way, you will lose your driving privileges upon your arrest. If you have never been arrested before and the level of alcohol in your blood is less than 0.15%, you will lose your license for 45 days. Repeat offenders or those whose BAC is over 0.15% will have their licenses taken away for a longer period.

If You Are Arrested
Your Maryland DUI attorney can tell you that a temporary driver’s license will be issued to you after you have been taken into custody. This license will be active for 45 days. You have ten days subsequent to being given the temporary license to apply for a hearing with the DMV (state Department of Motor Vehicles) and dispute the arrest. If you do not, you will not regain permission to drive. These hearings are not easy to win. You are well advised to seek the assistance of a skilled, dedicated Maryland DUI attorney to help you when you go in front of a judge.

Call for Assistance
A DUI arrest in the State of Maryland is no small matter. You will lose your driver’s license regardless of whether or not you have been arrested before. However, it is possible that your Maryland DUI attorney might find a way to challenge the suspension, have the charge against you changed to something other than DUI, or even dismissed. Call or Skype Rowe, Weinstein & Sohn, PLLC at 301-770-4710 or 1-888-340-7583 and find the help you need.

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